This episode is a continuation of episode 2. You will learn the present perfect through real examples from my podcasting and video podcasting journey.


Today’s show is part 2 of phrasal verbs. If you haven’t tuned in to episodes 2 and 3, go back and tune in to them first. This episode is based on my podcasting and video podcasting journey (episode 2) and is a sequel of episode 3, where I teach you what a phrasal verb is, its importance, and the structures.

In this episode, I am going to teach you phrasal verbs by using examples from my podcasting and video podcasting journey, which I shared with you last week. If you still haven’t tuned in to episode 2, please tune in right now.

This is the link to the free online dictionary which I mentioned in the video: Collins English Dictionary. It’s my favorite dictionary to look up phrasal verbs as there are the structures and great examples. It’s definitely a resourceful tool for English learners!

In this episode you will learn about my podcasting and video podcasting journey. I will share with you how I came up with the idea of the show and what I have gone through in my journey.

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