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In today’s show, I’m going to teach you the passive voice with real examples from the newspaper and magazine extracts which I used in episode 6 (The Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil & Present Perfect x Simple Past). If you still haven’t tuned in to episode 6, please go back and tune in first, ok?

Hey! Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s on Wednesday, February 14. Today’s show is about vocabulary and expressions related to flirting and dating in English. These are the movies I have mentioned in this episode.


  • Friends with Benefits;
  • He’s Just Not That into You;
  • Hitch;
  • I Hate Valentine’s Day;
  • No Strings Attached;
  • The Proposal;
  • The Ugly Truth.

For further practice, why don’t you listen to these podcasts which are hosted by renowned dating coaches?


  • Love Life (with Matthew Hussey);
  • The Love U Podcast (with Evan Marc Katz);
  • The Dating Den (with Marni Battista).

In this episode, you will learn about the yellow fever outbreak in Brazil and notice how the present perfect and simple past are used in the news. I have used real newspaper and magazine excerpts about the yellow fever in Brazil to exemplify how the language is used in a natural way.

If you haven’t tuned in to episode 5, go back and do so as you will learn the grammar explanation (present perfect and simple past) needed for you to best take advantage of this episode.

These are the sources I have used in this episode:

A deadly yellow fever outbreak in Brazil has travelers on alert 

WHO recommends yellow fever shot to Sao Paulo visitors

Brazil yellow fever crisis: dozens dead as São Paulo closes city gardens and zoo  

Por que a Febre Amarela virou uma ameça para a região mais populosa do país?

Febre amarela: sobe para 81 o número de mortes

This episode is a continuation of episode 2. You will learn the present perfect through real examples from my podcasting and video podcasting journey.


Today’s show is part 2 of phrasal verbs. If you haven’t tuned in to episodes 2 and 3, go back and tune in to them first. This episode is based on my podcasting and video podcasting journey (episode 2) and is a sequel of episode 3, where I teach you what a phrasal verb is, its importance, and the structures.

In this episode, I am going to teach you phrasal verbs by using examples from my podcasting and video podcasting journey, which I shared with you last week. If you still haven’t tuned in to episode 2, please tune in right now.

This is the link to the free online dictionary which I mentioned in the video: Collins English Dictionary. It’s my favorite dictionary to look up phrasal verbs as there are the structures and great examples. It’s definitely a resourceful tool for English learners!

In this episode you will learn about my podcasting and video podcasting journey. I will share with you how I came up with the idea of the show and what I have gone through in my journey.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! That time of the year has come again!

Have you already made your New Year’s resolutions? You haven’t? In today’s episode, you will learn how to plan and achieve your resolutions.

This is Brené Brown’s TED Talk, which I mentioned in the episode. I hope you like it!

Hey! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Authentic English Podcast! The day has finally come! My podcast and video podcast are finally out! I’m super thrilled! This is Authentic English Podcast’s first episode, which will give you an idea of who I am and what to expect from the show. I hope you love it as much as I have loved planning each and every step of the way!